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Kurumu Kurono

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The Japanese manga and anime series Rosario + Vampire features an extensive cast of characters by Akihisa Ikeda. The main character of the series is , a boy who mistakenly gets enrolled to Yokai Academy, a special school unknown to humans that teach various monsters to coexist with humans. He later meets and befriends Moka Akashiya, a vampire who soon takes a liking to the sweet taste of his blood, and throughout the series, befriends other girls who take an instant liking to him for various reasons: , a succubus, , a witch, , another witch, and , a yuki-onna. The main characters are members of the school's newspaper club, the , run by .

is the male protagonist of the series who is mistakenly enrolled in Yokai Academy. He almost immediately meets Moka Akashiya, a vampire who takes an interest in him due to the sweet taste of his blood (a running gag in the series involves her catching Tsukune off-guard and biting him on the neck). Fearful for his life and ready to leave the school, it is only his affection for Moka that gets him to continue attending Yokai Academy. Though he has no special powers of his own, he constantly risks his life to protect his friends. Later on, he acquires vampiric abilities, then ghoul-based powers (the latter of which puts his humanity in jeopardy), allowing him to fight toe-to-toe with almost any supernatural foe.

Though ordinary and often cowardly in the beginning, Tsukune's willingness to protect his friends without second thought earns him many new companions and the affection of the girls surrounding him. He is both gentle and understanding, and displays great courage when his friends are threatened. Later in the series, Tsukune is infused with Moka's blood and starts to undergo changes, such as gaining vampire fighting skills when he or one of his friends is threatened. At first, Moka feels responsible for this, but Tsukune says that he doesn't blame her for his transformation.

is the female protagonist of the series and the first person Tsukune meets when he sets foot in Yokai Academy. Exceptionally sweet and kind, Moka is a vampire, and takes a liking to Tsukune after ingesting his blood, becoming addicted in doing so. When the rosario around her neck is removed, the seal keeping her true nature is released. Cold and arrogant, "Inner" Moka is a completely different entity from the kind and loving "Outer" Moka, going so far as to specifically remind Tsukune to "be kind to the other Moka". Tsukune is the only one able to remove the rosario around Moka's neck. It was later revealed in the second serialization that Inner Moka is the real Moka, and the Outer Moka that mutually loves Tsukune is a fake personality. The Inner Moka is also the one responsible for integrating vampire blood to Tsukune, making him more monster than human as the manga progresses.

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