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Mallen is a fictional character that appears in comic book published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Iron Man #1 (January 2005) and was created by Warren Ellis, and Adi Granov, during what would be the Extremis arc.

Mallen's parents were killed in a shootout with the FBI over weapons violations. He grew up bitter, aligning himself with a small cell of domestic terrorists. They were given the Extremis drug by Dr. Maya Hansen. Mallen took it and emerged as a superhuman threat after the incubation period.

Mallen attacked the Houston FBI branch. Soon after he was confronted by Iron Man. He badly injured Stark and then set out to kill the US leaders in Washington DC. He briefly stopped to talk with a protester, and ended up murdering her over her views.

Mallen was intercepted outside by Iron Man, he himself having taken Extremis. Mallen was defeated but refused to give up, forcing Iron Man to kill him, blowing up his head with his repulsers. Even after which his then headless body began to get up, following down shortly afterwards.

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