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Miriya Parina Sterling

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:This article is about the character from Robotech. See the original inspiration for this character in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross''.

Miriya Parina Sterling, voiced by Edie Mirman, is one of the fictional character in the anime television series Robotech. She is the self-styled "finest combat pilot in all the Zentraedi forces." She is distinguished by her slim figure, green eyes and her long green hair.

Miriya enters the First Robotech War as Commander Azonia's first officer and the leader of the Quadrono Battalion. Miriya is a female warlord and is considered the greatest warrior of all the Zentraedi. She is a fearsome warrior who pilots the Zentraedi Power Armor and she considered herself to be unbeatable in combat. When the Zentraedi attack the SDF-1 in 2009, Miriya leads several raids against the human forces, including one in which ace pilot Roy Fokker is killed. Miriya enjoys combat and takes great pride in the fact that she has never once failed to defeat a foe in combat.

In April 2011, upon a challenge from Khyron that there was a "Micronian" [human] ace aboard the SDF-1 that even she could not best, who happens to be Max Sterling, though Khyron was actually referring to Rick Hunter. Intrigued, Miriya takes it upon herself to engage him in combat but finds herself frustrated as she cannot defeat him, a situation which she had never faced before nor did she think was possible. Determined to maintain her reputation, Miriya decides to be micronized to human form so she can infiltrate the SDF-1 to find the pilot and kill him. During the micronization process, Miriya's height is reduced from 8.55 metres (28 feet) to 1.78 metres (5.8 feet) and her weight is reduced from 6,250 kilograms (13,779 pounds) to 53 kilograms (117 pounds). After infiltrating the SDF-1, Miriya explores Macross City and marvels at human culture.

Miriya Parina Sterling

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