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Cyclonus is the name of several fictional character from the various Transformers universes.

The tech spec from the box art of the Cyclonus toy describes him as a compassionless Decepticon air warrior and saboteur. He has nuclear-powered turbine engines that can propel him at speeds of mach 2 and carries an oxidating laser that fuses an enemy robot's internal mechanisms. It makes no reference to the concept that he was built from another Decepticon by Unicron (as is his usual portrayal in fiction) because at the time of release, this would have been considered a spoiler to the movie.

According to X-Entertainment Cyclonus was the 7th top Transformers figure of all time.

Cyclonus's appearances in the US Marvel Comics Transformers series were minimal - in his first appearance during the Headmasters mini-series, he and Scourge were presented as being under Scorponok's command, who then became Targetmaster along with the others on Nebulos. (Before becoming a Targetmaster, Cyclonus was frequently illustrated as looking like Fracas—whose animation model was switched with Nightstick's in The Rebirth. Despite this, his spacefighter mode was always the same.)

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