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Neron is a fictional demon, a comic book character published by DC Comics. He first appeared in the DC Comics cross-over event Underworld Unleashed #1, (November 1995), and was created by Mark Waid and Howard Porter.

Neron first featured as the major protagonist in the DC Comics multi-title comic book cross-over event Underworld Unleashed released by DC Comics in 1995. As well as the core story-line of the three-issue Underworld Unleashed mini-series (November 1995 - December 1995), most of the DC titles published in November and December 1995 and a number of one-off titles were also part of the series. Neron appeared in most of these. After this introduction, he was next used in several storylines simultaneously: the three-part 'Hell to Pay' in Flash vol 2 #127 - 129 (July - September 1997), by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, Wonder Woman vol 2 #123 - 125 (July - September 1997) by John Byrne, and a two-part story in JLA #6 -7 (July - August 1997) by Grant Morrison, with art by Neron's co-creator Howard Porter. That last storyline continued in JLA: Paradise Lost #1 - #3 (January - March 1998) a key early story in the long process of re-ordering the position of Hell in the DC Universe.

Neron then appeared in New Year's Evil: Rogues (February 1998), part of the New Year's Evil series that ran in nine one-off titles, followed by a two-page vignette featuring Etrigan The Demon in the one-off anthology title DCU Villains Secret Files #1 (1999); ending the year with a part in the weekly series Day of Judgement #1 - #5 (November 1999) and a stand-alone tale by J.M. DeMatteis, 'Heart of Hell' in the last issue of Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, #15 (Fall 1999) which fitted into the Day of Judgement series.

His next appearances came in the Deadman: Dead Again weekly series #1 - #5 (October 2001) written by Steve Vance, a humorous Christmas story 'Merry Christmas Justice League, Now Die' , in JLA #60 (January 2002), and a brief encounter in 'On Duty In Hell' in Human Defense Corps #6 (December 2003). Over a year later he featured in the last four parts of the 'Out Of the Past story-arc in Richard Dragon #9 - #12 (March - June 2005), then during the DC cross-over event 52 Neron was involved in Week 25 (October 25, 2006), Week 42 (February 21, 2007), followed by 'Devil May Care' in Teen Titans #42 (February 2007). None of these stories were critical to his character development or storyline. This was left to Keith Giffen, whose Reign In Hell (August 2008 - April 2009, missing September) eight-issue mini-series featured all-out war between Hell and Purgatory and re-defined Hell in DC comics continuity. Since then there has been one further vignette, a short non-continuity joke in typical Giffen Ambush Bug style in Ambush Bug Year None #3 (November 2008).

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