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Josiah Bartlet

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Josiah Edward "Jed" Bartlet is a fictional character from the television serial drama The West Wing, portrayed by Martin Sheen. Bartlet's tenure as a Democratic President of the United States is a preeminent aspect of the series. His origin as a reoccurring character evolved due to Sheen's acting finesse; creator Aaron Sorkin and fellow West Wing writers shaped Bartlet's position within the show accordingly. With the first season depicting his second year in office and the transitions thereof, subsequent seasons fleshed out the details of his administration. Friction between his policies and those of the Republican-dominated Congress, his tribulations with multiple sclerosis, and his reelection were pivotal within the second and third seasons, which aired while Sheen won both a Golden Globe and two SAG awards for his work. Characterized by manifest integrity, quick witticisms, a fierce intellect, and compassionate stoicism, Bartlet is widely-acclaimed by critics and political commentators alike as the "most popular Democratic president in recent memory."

Show creator Aaron Sorkin had not initially intended to feature the president, having envisioned the series as being focused on the White House senior staff who execute and advise on major policy and political matters. "Then I felt that would become hokey," he says. "We'll constantly be just missing the president. As he walks around the corner, we'll see the back of his head." The character of Josiah Bartlet was then created as a recurring figure, and Martin Sheen was signed to appear in four episodes. Alan Alda (who went on to portray Senator Vinick), Jason Robards and Sidney Poitier were also considered for the role. After seeing Sheen's dailies, the producers were so impressed that they asked him to join the regular cast. "They realized that people might catch on that I'd be there only once a month, so they talked to me about a longer commitment," says Sheen. The actor says that part of the reason he took on the role of Bartlet is because of his involvement in social issues.

Sorkin's main interest in writing for the character was in exploring the side of the president that the public does not generally see. Sheen describes the character as being drawn largely from Bill Clinton: "He's bright, astute and filled with all the negative foibles that make him very human," he told Radio Times.

In the middle of the show's first season, it was revealed that Bartlet was suffering from multiple sclerosis. According to Sorkin, this was not planned; the plot came about because he wanted to write an episode in which the president was in bed watching a soap opera and the audience discovered that the first lady was a physician. "When I wrote the pilot, I didn't have any idea what was going to happen in Episode 2, much less 12," he says.

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