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Mithril is a fictional anti-terrorist private military company in the light novel, manga and anime series Full Metal Panic!. Many of the main characters within the series are members of this organization, among them include Sousuke Sagara, Melissa Mao, Kurz Weber and Teletha Tessa Testarossa.

Mithril is a worldwide military (non-governmental) anti-terrorist organization possessing advanced technologies and weapon systems superior to that of any national armed forces. It was founded around 1992-1993, following the detonation of a nuclear warhead in northern Iraq in the then waning Gulf War. It is named after the fictional metal, Mithril, from The Lord of the Rings written by J. R. R. Tolkien. The organization's purpose to halt regional conflicts, in addition to securing the Whispered without taking any sides. As such, it is one of the few organizations aware of the Whispered and Black Technology.

Mithril remains an extremely secretive organization, its existence unknown to all but the most senior of military and political personnel. Its motives, funding, structure, and personnel are all kept secret. Its secrecy is vital for its continued existence, as Mithril is a specialist organization dependent on fast surgical strikes with small numbers. It does not possess the numbers or capacity to withstand a conventional war of numbers.

Mithril is divided into three divisions, Research, Intelligence, and Tactical, which are overseen by the General Council. The current chairman of the General Council is Lord Mallory. Additional divisions may exist, but have not been mentioned at this time. The three divisions operate across international borders with the best and brightest available personnel.

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