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Bob Page

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This guide details the role and background information of major characters appearing in the video game Deus Ex.

Maggie Chow, voiced by Carolyn McCormick, is a former Hong Kong actress who intrigues on behalf of Majestic 12, pitting the two major triads against each other. Chow appears quite charming at first and hints to JC that she had a relationship with Paul Denton. She is later revealed to be a ruthless operative capable of torture and murder, and practically everything she tells JC can be disproved. She lives in a penthouse apartment on top of a residential building, protected by MJ12 soldiers who have secret quarters there, and also has access to all areas of the Versalife facility. She is last seen protecting the Universal Constructor there and may be killed by the player.

Gunther Hermann, voiced by Jeff Groteboer, is a top agent of the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Coalition, or UNATCO. Standing at six feet eight inches tall, the commandant of the UNATCO weapons course is well-versed in the use of deadly weapons such as assault rifles, plasma cannon, flamethrowers, and combat knives. In the game, it is stated that Hermann has killed close to a thousand people.

Gunther, as chronicled in the novel Icarus Effect, was once a hotheaded GSG9 agent. He was later recruited into the Tyrants by Jaron Namir around 2027. However, he is badly wounded during a mission in Switzerland to assassinate Bill Taggart by Anna Kelso (who recognizes him as her superior officer's killer), who causes Gunther to swerve off the road into the Rhone River, detonating the car bomb he was carrying. He was then given extensive augmentation to save his life after he is recovered from the Rhone River by Bob Page.

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