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The Excalibur (victory class destroyer)

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The ISA Excalibur is a starship in the fictional Babylon 5 / Crusade universe. First seen in the Babylon 5 movie A Call to Arms, the ship is a Victory class destroyer. The ship combines human, Minbari, and Vorlon technology.

The Excalibur is one of two prototype ships built by Edgar Industries for the Interstellar Alliance. The other ship was the Victory. The two ships were intended to be the first in a fleet of Victory class heavy destroyer vessels. Despite being built for the Interstellar Alliance the ship is crewed by Earth Force personnel and not rangers during a Call to Arms & Crusade.

The Excalibur was enormous in size, almost 3000 meters (2990) in length and was one of the first ships built by humans to use artificial gravity technology provided by the Minbari. The gravity field provides workable gravity just under that found on Earth. A human would weigh slightly less on the ship than they would on Earth.

Excalibur features energy and particle beam weapons. The main guns operate at two main power levels. Level One provides beams with little more firepower than a White Star. Level Two is much more powerful weapon, reverse engineered from Vorlon lightning cannon technology. The discharge is a pulse which originates from three emitters mounted on large "fin" structures at the ship's stern; the beams converge just forward of the bow into a single ravening blast that can destroy nearly anything in its path. The weapon is capable of destroying ground installations through the atmosphere of a planet. Firing this titanic weapon drains all the ship's power and the "Excalibur" is unable to maneuver, fire weapons or use long-range scanners for approximately one minute afterward.

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