Rampage (Beast Wars)

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Rampage is the name of several different fictional character in the Transformers universes.

Rampage is a fictional character of the Transformers Predacons, with his alternative form being a mechanical tiger.

Rampage is "little more than a raging psychopath", in a constant state of rage that leaves even the other Predacons afraid of him. Rather oddly, there is one way of keeping Rampage under control - he is easily distracted by mindless television entertainment. He combined with his fellow Predacons to form Predaking.

Rampage appeared as part of a team sent to Earth by Shockwave to get rid of his former leader Megatron. Their attempt failed, as Megatron defeated them all. Megatron would apparently perish in a Space Bridge explosion, and Rampage would join Shockwave's army on Earth.

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Rampage (Beast Wars)
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Loss She-Ra 7 to 9