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The following is a list of the numerous characters within the Masters of the Universe animated series, film, toy lines, and spin-offs.

He-Man is "the most powerful man in the universe" and in most media he is the alter-ego of Prince Adam. He is armed with a power harness that enhances his strength, the Sword of Power, and a shield. Early media, such as the minicomics packaged with the original run of action figures, also depicts him wielding a battle ax. He-Man possesses superhuman strength and is capable of performing incredible feats, such as lifting heavy objects such as rocks and buildings, as well as having the advantage over just about any opponent. He is a strong upholder of moral justice and is regarded by the people of Eternia as their greatest hero. In the original minicomics He-Man was a wandering barbarian hailing from a jungle tribe, but the cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe portrayed him as the alter ego of the young Prince Adam, heir-apparent to the throne of Eternia, and most media since have followed suit. Prince Adam is the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena of Eternia, and is viewed by many as fun-loving, lazy and cowardly. This is in fact only an act to stop people from suspecting that he is also He-Man. Prince Adam was given the Sword of Power by The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, and when he lifts the sword and says "By the Power of Grayskull... I Have the Power!" he is magically transformed into He-Man, defender of Eternia.

Depending on his transformation to He-Man, at times he is also armed with plate armor, a battle ax, or deadly snake pinchers. In the 80s series, Prince Adam and He-Man are almost identically drawn, the difference being that Adam has lighter blond hair and paler skin, while He-Man has bronzed skin and more golden hair. In the 2002 series, Prince Adam resembles a teenager and is slender, with blond eyebrows and pants (versus 80s Adam's tights). He speaks with a higher tone of voice and often comes across as a clueless adolescent. He-Man, however, has black eyebrows, is much taller, and is far more muscular, as his transformation to He-Man later in the series (starting with "Council of Evil") shows. His voice is deeper, he is wise, and his age in indeterminate (mid 20s to mid 30s in appearance).

Prince Adam and He-Man are voiced in the 80s series by John Erwin and by Cam Clarke in the 2002 series. In the 90s series, Prince Adam was voiced by Doug Parker while He-Man is voiced by Gary Chalk. In the 80s live-action movie, He-Man was portrayed by Dolph Lundgren.

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