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Future Predators

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The following is a complete list of creatures from the universe of ITV science fiction television series Primeval and also any spin-off media, including Primeval: New World ("PNW"). The series includes various imaginary species which are not native to the series setting, with some being prehistoric and others being futuristic. Various creatures were designed with some artistic license, for dramatic effect. A number of creatures from the Walking with... series were also reimagined for dramatic effect.

In 2007 Character Options announced they would create Primeval action figures, including both a flying and a large plush toy Rex, , and .

Albertosaurus is a predatory theropod dinosaur, a member of the Tyrannosauridae. In Primeval: New World, an Albertosaurus killed and devoured Brooke, Evan Cross wife and an alternate timeline version of Mac Rendall. In the series, its preorbital horns are greatly enlarged, similar to those of a Carnotaurus with similar skin textures. Evan encounters the same Albertosaurus as a hallucination after accidentally ingesting the snot of a Pachycephalosaurus. On close inspection, the Albertosaurus can be recognized by its missing right arm, and its body was covered in numerous old cuts and slashes.

Allosaurus is a large Theropod dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Jurassic.

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