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Sicilian Mafia (Grand Theft Auto)

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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (commonly abbreviated as GTA: LCS, GTA: Liberty City Stories or Liberty City Stories) is a sandbox-style action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds. It is the ninth game in the Grand Theft Auto series. It was released for the PlayStation Portable in North America on October 25, 2005 and in the United Kingdom (UK) on November 4, 2005. The game is the prequel to Grand Theft Auto III and was succeeded by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It was published and distributed by Capcom for the Japanese release.

A port for the PlayStation 2 was released on June 6, 2006 in North America, and June 22, 2006 in the UK and the rest of Europe. At the time of release, the recommended retail price of the PS2 port was around half the price of the PSP version. The PS2 port does not feature the custom soundtrack ripping capability, in comparison to its PSP counterpart. It was released on October 1, 2009 as a downloadable game on the revised PSP model PSP Go.

In addition, motorcycle are permitted in the city during this game, as earlier-released games (set later in the GTA universe chronology) do not allow this. The official Liberty City Stories website reveals that motorbikes were banned by the turn of the 21st century, due to a public ordinance supported by the Maibatsu Corporation (which marketed the over-sized Maibatsu Monstrosity in GTA III) in order to promote the use of automobiles in the city. Though airplanes and helicopters can be found in Vice City, usable airplanes and helicopters cannot be found in Liberty City Stories.

The PSP version of Liberty City has a multiplayer mode, for up to six players through WiFi ad-hoc mode (same area). The game features seven modes of wireless multiplayer gaming, in which various pedestrian and character models from the single player mode

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