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Throughout its history, Marvel Comics has introduced numerous characters in both its long running series, such as the Fantastic Four, and shorter series. Most of them can be considered minor characters. These range from supporting characters, heroes, and/or villains that appear infrequently to those that only take part in a single storyline or appear in a single comic book.

Armageddon is a fictional character, a member of the X-Men, a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. He appeared in issues #41-42 of the Exiles. He is the son of Apocalypse from Nocturne's reality.

Armageddon was artificially created by Apocalypse through the genetic material of Apocalypse himself and Jean Grey as his ultimate weapon. Ironically, he rejected Apocalypse's methods and instead joined with his worst enemies, the X-Men. He helped the X-Men destroy his father.

He later joined the X-Men, not feeling as though he fit in with them. Nightcrawler assured him his place was with the X-Men. He even helped the X-Men defeat the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Cyclops.

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