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King (Art Of Fighting)

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This is a list of all characters from the Art of Fighting series by SNK. Characters are listed in order of appearance by game.

is the son of the respected Kyokugenryu master, Takuma Sakazaki. Orphaned at the age of 10, he now lives with his kid sister, Yuri. After Yuri is kidnapped, the Invincible Dragon is awakened in him. He plunges head-long into the urban battlezone, Southtown.

Son of the multi-millionaire Albert Garcia. Sent to the world-famous Imperial Academy to study the

mysteries of Kyokugen karate under the tutelage of Albert's lifelong friend, . After the death of Ryo's mother and the disappearance of Ryo's father, Robert watched over the young boy, providing him with friendship. Robert remains, however, Ryo's ultimate rival.

King (Art Of Fighting)

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