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The villains in Power Rangers Samurai are the enemies of the Samurai Rangers. They all come from a place called the Netherworld and the Nighloks need to bathe in the Sanzu River's waters once in a while or else they dry up. The Nighloks want to flood the Sanzu River and into the crevice from the Netherworld to the Earth.

Master Xandred is the leader of the Sanzu River's evils and armed with a broadsword. He seeks to cause the river to flood with the despair of humans, using the Nighloks to make them cry, allowing him to enter the world of the living and take it over. He suffers from a constant headache caused by the previous Red Ranger's attempt to seal him in the Sanzu River and is always drinking medicine made by Octoroo.

Voiced by Jeff Szusterman.

Dayu is one of Master Xandred's two followers, a Futakuchi-onna female figure with a shamisen. Of all the villains, Dayu is the only one who can not let go of her past once making an attempt to reclaim it by kidnapping brides and using their sadness to create a wedding dress. Her plan failed due to the Rangers' interference, though she was saved by Deker. She is a powerful fighter as she took down both Kevin and Mia at once. Her shamisen, which she calls her harmoniam, has a hidden short sword in the neck which she uses for battle. She has a habit throwing the baki of her instrument at Nighloks' she gets angry at. It's hinted that she has a past with Deker though he doesn't remember.

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