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Gourry Gabriev

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is a fictional character from the Japanese anime and light novels Slayers. He is the tallest of the main cast (6'1" or 182 cm , which is considered quite tall by Japanese standards) and the oldest (human) of the party, muscular like an acrobat, possesses long blonde hair and blue eyes, and notorious of his poor memory.

Very little is known about Gourry's immediate family and past, what is known is that he at least has a grandmother and brother, the latter of which he's supposedly on bad terms with, and his hometown has been mentioned to be within the Elmekian empire. He is the descendant of the Swordsman of Light that many years ago slew the Demon Beast Zanaffar that terrorized the city of Sairaag. His family often feuded between themselves over who would become heir to the Sword of Light. It was also revealed in an interview by Kanzaka that his brother was killed as a result of the internal strife within the family. When Gourry was 17, he stole the sword and ran away from home in attempt to stop the fighting. He was a wandering mercenary for the following several years (even participating in a war), and nearly threw away the Sword of Light when he grew frustrated with the weapon. A short story details his inner struggle and his change of heart: When Gourry was just about to chuck the heirloom into the sea, he was stopped by a traveling fisherman, who convinces Gourry to do something worthwhile with the sword. In a strange twist of fate, it turns out this man is Lina's father, though neither Lina or Gourry are aware of this. Several days later, Gourry runs into Lina herself, and from that point on he is seldom seen without her. His history has never been covered in any animated feature, nor the manga, and the one time it was ever covered did not come from his mouth nor did it take place in the present, alluding to the fact Gourry probably does not like talking about it.

One of the biggest areas of dispute regarding Gourry's ancestry centers around the original Slayers motion picture. In the movie, Rowdy Gabriev is established as Gourry's ancestor - most likely his grandfather, ascending to his Russian heritage. This has led fans to believe that the elf princess Meiroon, who Rowdy has a crush on, is Gourry's grandmother. Hajime Kanzaka has struck down this notion, saying that by the time Rowdy was old enough to marry and have children that Meiroon would had still been a child herself. So Rowdy married a human causing his grandson, Gourry, to be fully human instead of part-elf as it is commonly believed.

Gourry is basically a nice guy, with a calm, mellow demeanor and a somewhat chivalrous attitude that serves as a foil to Lina's fiery temper tantrums and greedy disposition. He is one of the few characters who can eat almost as much as Lina, even accounting for the fact he is much taller and structurally larger than she is. He is also, rather infamously, characterized by his lack of intelligence and his tendency to put things bluntly without any tact, occasionally hurting the feelings of others or humiliating his friends, namely Lina, without meaning to. He is also arguably, despite being the second most prominent character within the series, the least developed of the Slayers characters, serving more as comic relief even within a series that is already primarily a comedy to begin with. It's been somewhat implied this lack of development is due to the fact Gourry probably isn't very proud of his past or of the memories it holds for him and his family, and as a result he hardly if ever makes any mention of it, preferring rather to live in the present rather than dwell on the past.

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