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Roy Fokker

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:This article is about the character from The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. See Roy Fokker for the derived character in Robotech''.

is a fictional character from the Japan anime science fiction series Macross (which was loosely adapted as the first story arc of Robotech) and the prequel OVA Macross Zero. He is voiced by veteran seiyuu Akira Kamiya in the original Japanese TV anime series and by Brett Weaver in the 2006 ADV Films English dub.

Roy Focker is an American who was born and lived in the United States in the late 20th century. During his college school days he had interest in prehistorical civilizations and archeology studies, and was in a relationship with his senior Aries Turner. Some time later he decided to join the U.N. Spacy after most of his friends died in the U.N. Wars. His flight instructor during this time was D.D. Ivanov.

During the war Roy became a talented and strong-willed fighter pilot, known for his love of women and alcohol. Focker was selected later as one of the first test pilots for the development of the variable fighter by the U.N. Forces. In 2008 he is deployed as a squadron commader with the Skull Team aboard the stealth carrier CVN-99 Asuka II on a secret mission in the South Pacific and flies the VF-0 Phoenix in battle against the SV-51 of the Anti-U.N. Forces. The work done on the VF-0 helps the coinciding development of the VF-1 Valkyrie.

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