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Caleb, played by Nathan Fillion, also known as "The Man," is a fictional character in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon.

He was introduced, according to Joss Whedon, because the mutable, non-corporeal nature of the First Evil "meant that we didn't really have anything to push against. We needed... a sidekick. Somebody physical that we can see from episode to episode." Whedon describes him as "the creepiest priest", adding, "he is the most bold-faced misogynist we've had since, well, since last year, with Warren."

Prior to becoming the right-hand man of the First Evil, Caleb was a defrocked priest and serial killer responsible for the deaths of at least two girls, whom he lured with his stirring sermons and masculine charm.

Despite remaining unseen until the last five episodes of the series, Caleb is revealed to be one of the prime movers for the events of the seventh season. In an effort to eliminate all threats to the First Evil's resurgence, he directs hordes of Bringer to systematically kill Potential Slayers around the world. He also orders the bombing of the Watchers' Council Headquarters in London, causing the deaths of Quentin Travers and all Watchers and Council Operatives present, and arranged for one of Faith's fellow L.A. prisoners to attack her in prison.

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