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The Beak

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"The Beak" is the ninety-seventh aired episode of the American animated television series Phineas and Ferb as part of the second season. It aired on Disney XD on March 8, 2010 and Disney Channel on March 12, 2010 . Ben Stiller guest starred as the super villain Khaka Peü Peü and Christine Taylor as his unseen nagging wife.

After testing out what ends up being an extremely dangerous hand-built skate track, Phineas and Ferb decide that they need to revise their course in order to make it safer. The skateboard had went to a jaguar, which it spit out and it spontaneously blew up after it ran on the track. After being offered an interview with Isabella for her scout troop's newspaper about the skate track, the boys decide not to modify the track, but to modify themselves instead. Meanwhile in a briefing, Perry, the boys' secret agent platypus, learns that his agency had acquired a emergency message from his nemesis Dr. Doofenshmirtz containing a political advertisement claiming that he was the new leader of the Tri-State Area and that Heinz approved the message. Perry is sent to investigate this claim.

While this is going on, Phineas and Ferb brainstorm on the building of an armored suit to use on the skate track, which ultimately features a design mixing elements from extreme sports equipment, a lower control chamber for Ferb, and also conveniently and unnecessarily equipped with a laser, grappling hook, booster rocket, and a voice changer. While testing the suit on the track, however, they discover that their friend Baljeet is stuck in a tree. The boys decide to help save him using the gadgets in the suit, even though they are unable to figure out how to land it. Buford has a math book to try to get Baljeet down, but the Beak gets Baljeet before he falls down from the tree. After arriving back in the yard to the absence of Phineas and Ferb, Isabella discovers the scene, and Candace also notices the mysterious flying man, assuming it was the work of the boys. Back at home, the boys regretted missing their interview with Isabella, until they notice the front page headline on a new issue of the Fireside Girls Gazette documenting Baljeet's rescue, credited to a superhero dubbed the 'Beak", which the two name the superhero. The paper says that the Beak will ensure that the Tri-State area's days are the best ever!

Phineas and Ferb like their new title, but add that a superhero wasn't what they had planned. But to make it up to Isabella for missing their interview, Phineas decides that they'll go and meet Isabella downtown, and reveal to her that they're The Beak. As transport, they bring the superhero suit that was requested by Ferb. On their way there, they run into a super villain, humorously called Khakha Peü Peü (a play on the words "Caca" & "Poo-Poo"). Which according to him can be loosely translated as "the strong fist" or "that strong fist".The man has a massive machine that he made out of spare parts, that he dubs the "KhaKha crawler". Everyone appears to find his name funny, which infuriates him. The Beak agrees to fight him. Isabella took photos and then wonders where the Beak come and the Beak hears Isabella and continue fighting. Afterward, Isabella wants some info, but they couldn't give out the secret and they leave Isabella standing there.

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