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Jesse Quick

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Jesse Chambers is a fictional comic book character in the . Chambers, who first used the superhero name Jesse Quick and later Liberty Belle, is the daughter of Golden Age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. She inherited both of her parents powers.

The 1992–1993 Justice Society of America series re-introduced the JSA after their disappearance into and re-emergence from the limbo of Ragnarok. It also introduced the character of Jesse Chambers. After this, Jesse became a supporting character in The Flash (vol. 2) as Wally West's partner, Jesse Quick.

In 1999, Jesse was featured in a lead role in writer Devin Grayson's series Titans, which ran until 2002. After 50 issues, Titans was cancelled and ultimately relaunched in writer Judd Winick's Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day limited series. Jesse was not part of the new roster of Titans introduced after Graduation Day.

Following Graduation Day, Jesse played a small supporting role in Geoff Johns and David Goyer's JSA series, where she served as Rick Tyler's love interest. When the book relaunched in 2006 as Justice Society of America (vol. 3), Jesse was featured as one of the main characters, now going by the name of Liberty Belle. She served primarily under the Liberty Belle name until Johns' 2009 limited series, Flash: Rebirth, where she returned to the Jesse Quick identity. She continuted to feature as one of the leads in Justice Society until late 2010, when she was brought over to the writer James Robinson's revamp of the Justice League of America (vol. 2) series.

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