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Cassie Hack

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Cassandra "Cassie" Hack is a fictional character that appears in the Hack/Slash comic books published by Devil's Due Publishing. The character first appears in Hack/Slash: Euthanized (April 2004), and was created by writer and occasional penciller Tim Seeley.

Seeley has repeatedly stated that Cassie is designed to be a horror victim who has overcome her fears and decided to take revenge on horror villains, who are known in the comic as "slashers". However, despite her hardened exterior, Seeley has tried to show that "beneath [the surface Cassie] is still [a] lost, scared innocent girl".

In 2005, Stefani Bishop portrayed Cassie in a stage adaptation of Hack/Slash called Hack/Slash: Stagefright. A film adaptation of Hack/Slash is also currently in development by Rogue Pictures however the role of Cassie has not yet been cast.

Cassie and her partner, Vlad, first appeared in the Hack/Slash one-shot (later renamed Hack/Slash: Euthanized) in 2004. This included a brief backstory called The Strange Story of Cassie Hack. Between 2005 and 2007 a series of further one-shots were released including a mini-series: Hack/Slash: Land of Lost Toys. In 2007, Hack/Slash became an ongoing series.

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