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Sasha Bordeaux

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Sasha Bordeaux is a fictional character in the DC Universe. She was at first primarily associated with Batman, and has subsequently evolved an association with Checkmate in two of its incarnations. She was created by Greg Rucka and Shawn Martinbrough, and first appeared in Detective Comics #751.

Sasha Bordeaux first appeared as an attractive young martial artist who was hired as Bruce Wayne's bodyguard by WayneCorp's second in command, Lucius Fox, albeit, against Wayne's wishes. Wayne at first tried to avoid her, but she kept on doing her job.

She eventually became suspicious of his constant late-night disappearances and did some searching, and was shocked to find that Bruce Wayne was secretly Batman. Knowing he couldn't legally fire her for knowing of his secret identity, Batman began training her to become his apprentice. After weeks of hard work, she became fit enough to go out with him on patrol in a suit, though he still treated her as a total stranger both as Batman and as Bruce Wayne. During this time, she fell in love with him, even as he insisted on having her around while he dated other women.

One night, while Batman and Bordeaux were out on patrol, the assassin David Cain lured Wayne's ex-girlfriend, Vesper Fairchild to Wayne Manor, and then killed her in a way that framed Wayne. Both Wayne and Bordeaux were charged with murder, and Sasha refused to exonerate herself by giving up Wayne's secret. They were both arraigned and held without bail while awaiting trial. After a while, Batman escaped to leave his alter ego behind, leaving Bordeaux inside Blackgate prison. Batman eventually confronted those who framed him, and Wayne and Sasha were cleared of all charges.

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