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Empress is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Comics universe. She first appeared in Young Justice #16 (January 2000).

Anita Fite is the daughter of Donald Fite, of the All Purpose Enforcement Squad, who, with his partner Ishido Maad, hounded Young Justice throughout the team's early days. (The partners' names, Fite 'n' Maad, are a deliberate pun by Peter David on the phrase "fightin' mad"; the name Anita Fite is also a pun – "I need a fight". ) She is usually written as speaking with a Jamaican patois.

She first appeared in the pages of Young Justice, saving Wonder Girl from dying of a poisonous snakebite.

Shortly afterward during Young Justice's visit to the Olympics to support their former teammate, Cissie King-Jones, she met the team out of costume, and her father (who claimed to not know of her superheroic activities) let her secret identity slip ("Empress" having been a childhood nickname her mother had given her).

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