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Ghost (Dark Horse)

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Ghost is a fictional character, a comic book superhero published by Dark Horse Comics. The character appeared in specials and monthly titles detailing the "afterlife" of Elisa Cameron and her search for the truth surrounding her apparent death.

Ghost first appeared in Comics Greatest World Week 3 in (1993). After a popular special in 1994, a monthly title devoted to the character began publication in 1995 and ran for 36 issues, followed by a six-month break and a second series running for 22 issues. The second series was a continuation of the first but with many changes, including new details concerning Ghost's origin. The stories in both series were based in and around the city of Arcadia, firmly entrenched in a self-contained fictional universe outlined in Dark Horse's Comics' Greatest World.

The characters of Comics' Greatest World were conceived and created in the late 1990s. Ghost, however, continued appearing in her own titles and others into the 2000s, including several crossovers not related to Comics' Greatest World. Most notable among these were a two-issue crossover with Dark Horse's Hellboy (Ghost/Hellboy), and a four-issue crossover with DC Comics' Batgirl, Ghost/Batgirl: The Resurrection Machine.

The first special and the first series (1995–1998) were written by Eric Luke, who had scripted the film Explorers. He gave the series an intelligent punch uncommon to many contemporary female superheroes. The artwork was by a revolving door of talent, although to the credit of the editors, the series maintained high visual standards. The setting of Arcadia was intended to be grim yet Art Deco, something particularly reflected in the artwork of the early issues. Below is a list of the issues and the art teams which were responsible for them. If a team or individual repeats, only last names will be used:

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