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Whiplash is the name of several fictional character in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Each Whiplash is a minor supervillain in the Marvel Universe, with the first and latest appearing as prominent members of Iron Man's rogues gallery.

The first and most well-known Whiplash was Mark Scarlotti, a recurring foe of Iron Man who debuted in Tales of Suspense #97 (Jan. 1968) and whose first storyline ended in Iron Man #1 (May 1968), the first issue of Iron Man's solo title. Scarlotti was an extremely gifted technician at Stark International's Cincinnati branch, but he never received recognition for his hard work or scientific acumen. Jealous of the global renown for Tony Stark's brilliance and the celebrity it granted him, Scarlotti decided to become a costumed supervillain. Adopting the moniker Whiplash, he constructed a metallic, electrified whip capable of rending apart even the strongest of metals. As Whiplash, Scarlotti worked for the Maggia before becoming an underworld enforcer for shady industrialist Justin Hammer.

In Iron Man #146 (May 1981), Scarlotti changed his costumed identity to Blacklash. By Iron Man vol. 3, #26 (Mar. 2000), he had returned to his Whiplash alias, this time with whips of pure energy and a heavily BDSM-influenced costume. Two issues later, Scarlotti was killed by Iron Man's armor, which had become sentient and gone rogue.

This Whiplash was a professional criminal born in Wilmington, Delaware. She was a mutant with unrevealed abilities and used adamantium wires connected to her gloves as whips. She was part of Critical Mass's mutant Band of Baddies. The Baddies kidnapped a mutant girl and her father in order to coerce them to join their band. They forced the daughter to knock out Spider-Man and Wolverine, but they quickly recovered. The daughter then unleashed her powers, blew up the warehouse they were in, and defeated all of the Baddies. Whiplash disappeared after the daughter's telekinetic explosion enabled her to get free.

Whiplash Whiplash

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