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"Batman & Son" is a comic book story arc from DC Comics by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, featuring Batman in the monthly title of the same name. It ran from September (#655) to December (#658) 2006.

This marked Morrison's debut as the writer of the flagship Batman title, a post he continued to hold until Batman #683 in 2008. This also marked artist Andy Kubert's first work for DC Comics in nearly 15 years, as he and his brother Adam had just signed a new exclusive contract for the publisher.

The Joker has managed to poison Commissioner Gordon and is crouched over what appears to be a bloody and beaten Batman. As Joker gloats over his "victory," the beaten Batman pulls out a handgun and manages to shoot the Joker in the face. At that moment, the real Batman appears and captures the Joker, throwing him into a dumpster. After visiting Gordon in the hospital, Batman learns that in his short time back in Gotham, he has managed to rid the city of supercrime.

In the Batcave, Alfred tells Batman that he has been so focused on his war on crime that he has started to lose touch with his Bruce Wayne identity. Robin states that he believes a vacation away from Gotham could be beneficial, so Batman decides to attend a charity event at the London Pop Art museum where he can spend time rejuvenating the playboy Bruce Wayne identity.

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