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This article lists character information from the book The Neverending Story and the movie adaptations of the same name.

Atreyu (Atréju in German) is a secondary protagonist to the story, being the protagonist of the mysterious book that Bastian reads. To the audience, he is a metafiction character, existing fictionally and within the reality of the book itself.

He is a young Greenskin warrior from the Grassy Plains (in German it is named The Grassy Sea). His parents were killed by a purple buffalo soon after he was born, so his entire village raised him, thus his name means "son of all" in his native language. He is summoned by the Childlike Empress to embark on a "Great Quest" to save the land of Fantastia by finding a cure for her illness. He is given AURYN, an amulet that makes whoever wears it the Childlike Empress' herald, and he sets out on his mission with his horse, Artax.

During the long events of the quest to find a cure, his travels lead him across all corners of Fantastia. He meets many creatures, including Falkor the luckdragon, who helps him on his quest by carrying him on his back. Bastian, all the while reading Atreyu's story in the real world, experiences everything Atreyu does and begins to sympathize with him. In the end this proves to have been Fantastia's solution and the Empress' cure, bringing Bastian to Fantastia to give the Empress a new name.

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