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Female Furies

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The Female Furies are a group of fictional women warriors appearing in comics published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Mister Miracle #6 (February 1972), and were created by Jack Kirby.

The Female Furies, brutally trained and led by Granny Goodness, are fanatically loyal to Darkseid. However, infighting among the Furies is commonplace, most typically to appoint a leader to the group.

The majority of Furies are New Gods themselves, but Granny has been known to accept females of other races. A woman named Alianna Hubbard is the only human ever trained as a Female Fury; she was ordered to kill Mister Miracle by Granny Goodness. She appeared in Mister Miracle #25, part one of an uncompleted story. According to Mister Miracle Alianna's strength was equal to that of his wife Big Barda, and her reflexes and speed were superhuman.

During their first appearance, Lashina, Stompa, Bernadeth, and Mad Harriet attempted to bring Big Barda back to Apokolips, after she had escaped alongside Mister Miracle. However, Barda was eventually able to convince her former teammates to help her, and the four Furies stayed on Earth for quite some time. They eventually returned to Apokolips under unknown circumstances, and were punished by Granny Goodness for their betrayal.

Female Furies Female Furies Female Furies Female Furies Female Furies Female Furies

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