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Jacob Kell

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Highlander: Endgame is a 2000 fantasy film originally released on September 1, 2000. It is the fourth theatrical release in the Highlander film series, and it serves as both a continuation of the Highlander films and the Highlander television series. The film stars Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod, the lead character of the series, and Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, the lead character of the previous films.

In 1555 AD, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) returns to his former home in Glenfinnan, Scotland, to save his mother from his former friend and village priest Jacob Kell (Bruce Payne). Kell executes Connor's mother for witchcraft. Connor kills both Kell and his adopted father, Father Rainey, and sets Glenfinnan ablaze. Jacob Kell is reborn as an Immortal, and vows vengeance against Connor for Rainey's death. He spends the next four centuries killing people Connor cares about. Kell amasses great power by ignoring the rules of The Game; he recruits several lesser Immortals as disciples, who overpower other Immortals so Kell can take their heads. By the turn of the century, Kell has 661 Immortal kills (compared to 262 for Connor MacLeod, and 174 for Duncan MacLeod), making him the most powerful Immortal ever.

Ten years before the present-day events of the film, Kell orchestrates the death of Connor's adopted daughter Rachel Ellenstein. Heartbroken, Connor departs for The Sanctuary, where Immortals are under surveillance by a subgroup of Watchers to prevent The Prize from being won.

A decade later, Kell and his disciples attack the Sanctuary, and Connor is believed to be beheaded along with the other Immortals there. Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), compelled by a vision he has of the slaughter, begins to investigate. Meanwhile Mathew Hale, the watcher supervising the sanctuary, looks on at the carnage and decided that they will get volunteers. Duncan goes to see Methos who tells him about the Sanctuary. Duncan can not believe that Connor would even go to such a place. He later leaves London for New York where he goes to Connor's place which was destroyed in the explosion that killed Rachel. Sensing an Immortal he turns to see Kate (Lisa Barbuscia), his wife from 200 years before. Then Kell's posse arrives and fight Duncan (Disregarding the rule of one-on-one combat). The fighting stops when Kell arrives but Carlos shoots Duncan who falls on a spike killing him. Kell is furious with Carlos and beheads him: as the quickening begins, a van drives up to where Duncan fell and takes him away. Later on Duncan wakes up only to realize that he has been taken by watchers who want to keep him in the sanctuary so that he does not win the prize. He is later saved with the help of Methos and Joe. He discovers Connor was spared by Kell, so as to allow the evil Immortal to make his life even more miserable. Kell wants to kill Duncan in order to torture Connor, and given the number of Quickenings he has received, this seems quite likely to occur. Additionally, Connor is too guilt-ridden by the deaths of all his loved ones to stand up to Kell by himself. Duncan later confronts Kate (Now using the alias Faith) at a fashion shot and asks her why she is with Kell. She tells him how much she hates the fact that she will never have children or grow old and die and believes that Kell understands her pain. Duncan must earn her forgiveness, or face her as an embittered part of Kell's faction. Later on in his hotel room, Kate arrives after having a chat with Kell and the two make love. Though it would appear that she has forgiven him it is not the case and she tells Duncan that she will never forgive him, but Duncan tells her that it is never to late for redemption and he will wait even if it takes years or centuries.

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