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Hiroim is a fictional, comic-book character who appears in books published by Marvel Comics, usually as a supporting character in Hulk books. He first appeared in Incredible Hulk vol. 3, #92.

Originally, Hiroim was a Shadow Priest, dedicated to the story of the Sakaarson — he who would unite the people of Sakaar — and trained to join the other Shadows. However, for his blasphemy of daring to dream that he could be the Sakaarson, he was expelled from the order. He was then chosen to be the personal guard of the Emperor of Sakaar, and to uphold an alliance between the Shadows and the Empire. He broke this vow however, when the Emperor ordered Hiroim to kill his adolescent son, due to the belief that he would bring ruin and devastation to Sakaar (a prediction that ended up coming to pass). For breaking that oath, he ended up in the Empire's gladiator training school, the Maw, where he fought alongside such other warriors as Miek, No-Name the Brood, Korg and the Hulk. After two victories in the arena — during which their teammate Lavin Skee was badly injured —, having heard the stories of his allies, Hiroim formed a Warbound pact with them, vowing that they would always stand together. Having been freed from their obedience disks by the Silver Surfer, the Warbound went on to vanquish the Red King, Hiroim concluding that the Hulk was the true Sakaarson (although he briefly thought that the Surfer might be the Sakaarson).

With the destruction of Sakaar following the detonation of the shuttle that brought the Hulk to Earth, Hiroim absorbed the powers of all the Sakaar Shadow Priests as he was the only one left, and he accompanied the Hulk to Earth to wage war against the Illuminati. During the subsequent conflict with Earth's heroes, Hiroim defeated Luke Cage during the Warbound's initial attack, but was in turn defeated by Doctor Strange when the sorcerer called on the power of his old enemy Zom. Hiroim is missing his left arm due to Doctor Strange's attack.

Following the revelation of Miek's treachery that Miek had allowed the destruction of Sakaar, the remaining Warbound surrender to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. They manage to escape during tremors caused by Manhattan Island breaking up due to the damage the Hulk had caused. Channeling the rock-based powers of his fellow Warbound Korg, as well as Earth hero the Thing, Hiroim is able to 'heal' the damage before he and the others depart, escaping into the sewers.

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