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The Thanos Imperative is a 6-issue comic book limited series preceded by a one-shot, Ignition. It was written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and published by Marvel Comics.

Marvel's lineup of Cosmic heroes band together to combat the imminent threat of The Fault and the Cancerverse that lies on the other side.

The story is the culmination of events starting with the "Annihilation" and more specifically the storyline "War of Kings", which climaxed with the opening of a hole between alternate universes, and "Realm of Kings", which involved different characters in conflict with the Many-Angled Ones and counterparts of the Earth-616 superheroes. The aftermath of this storyline was dealt with in Guardians of the Galaxy #25 and Nova #36, after which both titles went on hiatus.

The Guardians of the Galaxy watch over the newly resurrected and imprisoned Thanos, while debating whether they should kill him and how his death might impact the universe. Meanwhile, Nova pursues the false Quasar — who originated from The Fault and briefly took over Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. on Earth — into deep space as he broadcasts warnings about the danger The Fault represents. The real Quasar responds, telling him that an armada of Kree/Shi'ar ships is on its way to The Fault. As Quasar takes off to help capture his impostor, Nova intercepts the false Quasar at the mouth of The Fault, where he discovers numerous fleets of ships belonging to the Universal Church of Truth lying in wait. Nova is suddenly attacked by Adam Magus, but is assisted by Quasar, who quickly dispatches his other self. To Quasar's surprise, numerous planets belonging to The Universal Church of Truth suddenly teleport next to The Fault. Magus brushes aside both Nova and Quasar and chants one word: Ignition. The planets suddenly detonate, resulting in a massive cosmic-scale explosion that rips open The Fault. Mantis, Moondragon and Cosmo sense that something "very bad" has just happened, but before the Guardians of the Galaxy can react, Thanos breaks free from his cell and begins running rampant. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure from The Fault approaches Magus and the false Quasar. They acknowledge him as their lord and report their progress to him. As the shadowed figure seemingly kills Magus, he is revealed to be an alternate version of Mar-Vell, who declares that his first priority will be to cleanse this universe of death.

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