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Kane (Highlander)

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Highlander: The Final Dimension (also known as Highlander III: The Sorcerer), is the third installment in the Highlander film series. It was first released on November 25, 1994. A stand-alone sequel to the original film, it is the final Highlander movie that focuses on Connor MacLeod as the main protagonist.

16th century

Some time after the death of his wife Heather, Connor travels to Japan to request training from the Immortal Japanese sorcerer Nakano. Nakano holds his residence in a cave of Mount Niri, and has gained a reputation as a master of Illusion. However, another Immortal named Kane is also interested in mastering the power of Illusion. He is making his way across Asia in order to reach Nakano again, with two henchmen in tow (Khabul Khan and Senghi Khan). Entering a nearby village seeking information, they proceed to burn it to the ground, and massacre its population. Eventually, they reach the cave. Kane soon manages to defeat and decapitate Nakano, despite Connor's attempts to prevent this. However, the energies released during the Quickening cause the cave to collapse. The Highlander manages to escape in time, but Kane and his men are left trapped inside the depths of the mountain. Their situation prevents them from participating in "The Gathering" of 1985.

18th century

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