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Sam Witwicky

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The Witwicky family members are fictional characters from the Transformers universes, and are the closest human allies of the Autobot.

Captain Archibald Witwicky appeared in the Transformers: Movie Prequel and the Transformers live-action film itself. Archibald Witwicky was a Dutch/English sea captain leading an exploration of the Arctic in 1897 when a crew member found something beneath the ice. They started digging and discovered the frozen Megatron. Witwicky then accidentally activated the Decepticon leader's inertial navigation system which led to a sudden power surge. Unbeknownst to him, the discharge etched a digital map to the All Spark onto the lenses of his glasses. Blinded and forever marked by his vision, Witwicky was committed to a mental institution for life, constantly ranting about visions of the future. A few of his personal items were given to his family, including the pair of glasses. These were passed down over time and eventually given to his great-great-grandson .

The other Autobots and Decepticons arrived on Earth, both searching for the All Spark and the captured Megatron.

Buster Witwicky was the first Witwicky depicted in fiction, and filled a similar role in the early comics that Spike filled in the animated series.

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