Cad Bane

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Cad Bane is a fictional character in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. He is a cold and manipulative bounty hunter from the planet Duro.

In his first appearance in "Hostage Crisis", Bane, along with his posse of bounty hunters, are hired by the Hutts to free Ziro the Hutt in a Coruscant prison. The bounty hunters march into the Senate building, where Bane coldly tosses a thermal detonator into a crowded guard barracks, eliminating the security of the Senate. Bane then takes a group of Senators hostage in the east wing, cutting off all communications, and makes his demands to the Chancellor.

Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala happen to be on the proceedings and would eventually thwart Bane's last act of treachery — even though Bane left with a liberated Ziro the Hutt, Bane was set to detonate explosives that would have killed the hostages. Anakin saves the Senators from the resulting blast. Cad Bane returns as more of a major character in season two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In "Holocron Heist", Bane is contacted by Darth Sidious for a special assignment: the capture of a Holocron from within the heavily-guarded Jedi Temple. The season finale leads into a multi-part arc featuring Bane as the primary foe for the Jedi heroes.

The character was created for the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. He was first featured in the series first season finale, "Hostage Crisis". He is voiced by Corey Burton . The director of "Hostage Crisis" Giancarlo Volpe compared Cad Bane to another Star Wars bountyhunter Boba Fett stating,

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