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Gintoki Sakata

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is a fictional character and main protagonist of the manga and anime series Gin Tama, created by Hideaki Sorachi. A former rebel samurai who lives in a fictionalized version of 1860s Japan after being invaded and transformed by aliens, he fought the invaders until he realized the lack of sense in doing so, leading to him choosing to instead make a living as a freelancer for hire in Edo.

While thinking of the name of a manga, Hideaki Sorachi's editor commented "Do you think a silver samurai would be cool?" That inspired Sorachi to write the main character from the series after deciding the series should be named Gin Tama. When Sorachi chose to create his first major series, his initial plan was to base the series in and around a fictionalized version of the Shinsengumi. This was mostly to ride off the prepared hype regarding Shinsengumi!, a Japanese drama starring idol actors as the famous Japanese special police force. However, Sorachi's version was planned to be as unrealistic as possible; his force included males and females who possessed bizarre traits that were nothing like the original Shinsengumi, and that would seep into many of the characters that would be part of his eventual manga. One of the characters that came from this set was a silver-haired male who was to be his representation of prominent member Hijikata Toshizō. Sorachi had preference on Hijikata and wanted this character (even if he was nothing like the real Hijikata) to be the hero of this series.

Unfortunately while Sorachi loved the design he created for his silver-haired Hijikata, he couldn't draw out his character or figure out what he would do in the series. He was preparing to drop him and his editor nearly forced him to give up on him just as the original Shinsengumi concept was falling apart. Eventually it was decided that the silver-haired character would be his own character while the Shinsengumi be portrayed as a comedic foil. Changing his name at first to "Gin-san" (before ultimately making him "Gintoki"), the original concept of the silver-haired was shattered and Sorachi recreated him from the ground up into the lazy-eyed freelancer he would be in the series. Sorachi mentioned that Gintoki was roughly based on Sakata Kintoki, but added that he did not mean to make Gintoki a descendant from Sakata.

Gintoki was still a boy when the Amanto arrived on Earth and began to take over the nation of Japan. Little is known of Gintoki's teacher, whose name is Shouyou Yoshida, other than that he had great respect for him and he found Gintoki as a child calmly eating and hiding on the corpses from some unknown battle. He was classmates with two of his future "Joi" allies, Kotaro Katsura and Shinsuke Takasugi. It was at this time that he learned of the code of the samurai, which he keeps to himself even to this day (albeit in a more twisted manner than others). Many of Gintoki's views on life seem to be inspired by his teacher, one being that a teacher should be able to carry the burden of their student.

Gintoki Sakata Gintoki Sakata Gintoki Sakata Gintoki Sakata

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