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The Pack

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In the Disney animated television series Gargoyles, the Pack are a group of mercenaries who frequently clash with the Manhattan Clan.

A team of martial artists and weapon experts, the Pack were originally hired by David Xanatos to star in their own superhero television show, and also to serve as his own personal tactical squad.

Each character adopted the name of a predatory mammal (with the exception of Hyena, all of their namesakes are canines, and with the exception of Fox, all hunt in packs), which corresponded roughly to their personalities. For example, "Hyena" becomes known for her maniacal laugh, and "Dingo" is Australian in origin.

The Pack first appeared in the episode "The Thrill of the Hunt." The young gargoyle Lexington, after watching their television show, mistakenly believes them to really be the heroes they portray, and kindred spirits, and reveals the Clan's existence to them. The Pack quickly turns on the Clan, seeking the thrill of defeating such powerful creatures as the gargoyles. Though they are defeated, and sent to jail after the mayhem they cause, Lexington remains bitter and vengeful towards them (in the same manner that the other gargoyles acquire arch-foes after particular experiences). The whole affair turns out to have been yet another scheme arranged by Xanatos, with the intent of capturing the gargoyles, or, failing that, putting the Pack's abilities to a real test.

The Pack

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