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Enchantress (June Moone)

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The Enchantress is a DC Comics character who has been both a superheroine and supervillain. She first appeared in National Comics (now DC Comics) flagship science fiction anthology title Strange Adventures #187 (April 1966), and was created by writer Bob Haney and artist Howard Purcell.

More recently she is usually called simply Enchantress

The Enchantress ('The Switcheroo-Witcheroo' as she was bannered on the cover) first appeared in the 9-page lead story in Strange Adventures #187 (April 1966), followed by two further 8-page appearances in the same title: Strange Adventures #191 (August 1966) and #200 (May 1967), all written by Bob Haney and drawn by co-creator Howard Purcell. The first two stories were reprinted in Adventure Comics #417 (March 1972) and #419 (May 1972), her only appearances in the 1970s. Following this, the Enchantress appeared in two linked Supergirl tales in Superman Family #204 - 205 (November/December 1980 - January/February 1981), and in a two-part story featuring The Forgotten Villains in the Superman team-up title DC Comics Presents #77 - 78 (January - February 1985). She was one of the super-characters in Legends #3 (January 1987) and Legends #6 (April 1987), followed by the origin of the Suicide Squad in Secret Origins vol 2 #14 (May 1987) and the immediately following Suicide Squad series issues #1 - 8 (May 1987 - December 1987) and #12 - 16 (April 1988 - August 1988), written by John Ostrander and Len Wein; and The Spectre vol 2 #11 (February 1988).

After being ignored for eleven years, she eventually returned in Green Lantern vol 3 #118 (November 1999) and Day of Judgment #1 - 5 (all November 1999), written by Geoff Johns with art by Matt Smith and Steve Mitchell. She next guested in another DC Comics miniseries JLA: Black Baptism #1 - 4 (May - August 2001) by Sean Smith (writer) and Ruben Diaz (art) after which Enchantress disappeared again until the Day of Vengeance miniseries #1 - 5 (June 2005 - November 2005) by Bill Willingham, who also used her character through the first 16 issues (July 2006 - October 2007) of the Shadowpact series that followed directly on from Day of Vengeance. Matthew Sturges took up the reins from issue #17 - 25 (November 2007 - July 2008). During that time she also made appearances in the major DC Comics cross-over series Countdown, #28 (October 17th 2007) and #28 (October 24th 2007), the associated Countdown to Mystery #1 (November 2007), and one issue of Trials of Shazam!, #11 (March 2008).

Enchantress (June Moone)

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