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The Gorgon (real name Tomi Shishido) is the name of a comic book character associated with the X-Men member Wolverine. He first appeared in Wolverine (vol.3) #20, and was created by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. The character was killed in Wolverine (vol.3) #31, only to be resurrected later in Secret Warriors #2. He is unrelated to the Marvel character Gorgon of The Inhumans.

The Gorgon's real name is Tomi Shishido. He is a member of the Hand and HYDRA and a powerful mutant, leading the extremist mutant society Dawn of the White Light. As a child, he possessed near superhuman levels of intelligence. He said his first words at two weeks of age, could walk at three months, and was able to read and write by his first birthday. He became an accomplished painter by age four, among the top artists in all of Japan; and composed an opera at age six. This is also the age when he attempted a second suicide.

At age 13, he formulated a Theory of Everything and manifested the mutant ability to turn people to stone just by looking at them. The media dubbed him "The Gorgon", after the Gorgon of Greek mythology. Shortly after, he became the leader of a mutant death-cult called the Dawn of the White Light, which committed terrorist attacks throughout Japan. By age 18, he sought out the Hand. Before leaving his home he killed his entire family and his only friend to prove that he was ruthless enough to join the terrorist organization.

After finding the Hand sanctuary and slaying all of its guards while blindfolded, the Gorgon went inside and pledged his allegiance to the Hand's Jonin. When the master questioned his dedication, the Gorgon impaled himself with his own sword, fatally injuring himself, and told the master to resurrect him. The Jonin were impressed and brought him into the fold.

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