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The following is a list of characters who appear in the video games BioShock, and its sequel BioShock 2.

Jack, also known as Jack Ryan is the primary protagonist of BioShock, whom the player controls throughout the game. Prior to his unwilling arrival in Rapture, he was a passenger aboard an aeroplane (Apollo Air Flight DF-0301 to be specific), which crashed in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Jack is the only survivor, and he swims towards the only land in sight, a mysterious "lighthouse," which seems to serve no purpose being there. Whilst inside the lighthouse, Jack sees a Statue of Andrew Ryan, along with a banner directly below it, with the words "NO GODS OR KINGS. ONLY MAN" printed on it. As Jack heads down the stairs, passing several works of art, along with three metal seals, each with their own separate word "art," "industry" and "science" inscribed on them, he notices a bathysphere, with Django Reinhardt's version of "La Mer" playing inside it. Jack enters the bathysphere, and pulls the lever, which takes him down to the underwater city of Rapture. Whilst in the metropolis, Jack is forced to use a number of gene altering substances known as plasmids which he uses to protect himself.

Jack is guided through Rapture by Atlas, a working-class Irishman, who asks for Jack's assistance in the rescue of his wife and son, Patrick and Moira, who are trapped in an area of Rapture known as "Neptune's Bounty," in return for his help. Unfortunately, Atlas' family are killed in an explosion triggered by splicers under the command of Andrew Ryan, the founder and ruler of Rapture. In an act of revenge, Atlas then asks Jack to assist him in the assassination of Andrew Ryan. Despite encountering many problems along the way, Jack hunts Ryan down, and corners him in his office in the Rapture Control Centre. He then proceeds to bludgeon Ryan to death with his own Golf club. Just before his death, Ryan informs Jack that Atlas had been controlling him with the use of the words "Would you kindly?" a trigger phrase which would make Jack obey any order without question, and it was indeed Jack who hijacked and crashed the aeroplane he was traveling on, under Atlas' orders (and under the influence of the "would you kindly?" phrase).

Atlas then reveals to Jack his true identity—that of Frank Fontaine, an ex-mobster and smuggler, believed by most of Rapture's population to be dead. After Ryan's death, Fontaine ambushes Jack with a swarm of security bots, in an attempt to kill him, but Jack narrowly escapes with the help of Brigid Tenenbaum's Little Sisters. After a brief recovery in Tenenbaum's hideout, she informs Jack that she had freed him of the "would you kindly?" phrase that Fontaine had over him. However, another aspect of Jack's mental conditioning still remained, "code yellow," when spoken out loud, would prevent Jack's heart from beating. Jack then travels to Mercury Suites, and Apollo Square, searching for the antidote, which in he end, he does.

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