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Iron Lad

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Iron Lad (Nathaniel Richards) is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. He first appeared in Young Avengers #1 (April, 2005). The issue was scripted by Allan Heinberg and drawn by Jim Cheung. He is an adolescent version of Kang the Conqueror, armed with a bio-metal suit that responds to mental commands. He is named after the father of Reed Richards.

Iron Lad was rescued by his adult self moments before an event important in shaping the villain's life: his long-term hospitalization by bullies. Horrified at the life of evil his future self described, he took the time travel technology that he is given and transports himself to the past, hoping to avoid his sinister destiny, instead of killing the bully on his future self's command.

Upon finding the Avengers disbanded, he downloaded the remnants of the then-destroyed Vision's operating system into his armor. This revealed a failsafe plan created by the android to reform the Avengers should they disband or fall in action. Through this plan, the young Kang assembled his new team, the Young Avengers, with the sole purpose of defeating his future self and reshaping his own future. He modeled his armor after the Avenger Iron Man, calling himself Iron Lad.

Kang came looking for Iron Lad, wanting to return his younger self to his proper place in the timestream. He battled the teen heroes and was seemingly gaining the upper hand when Iron Lad, with tears in his eyes, ran Hawkeye's sword through Kang's chest. This killed Kang, but the ramifications caused several changes to the timeline, including all the Avengers being dead. Iron Lad realized that the only way to restore everything was to go back in time, whereupon he would lose his memories of his time in the past as a Young Avenger, and become Kang. Before he went back in time, he asked them to forgive him for the actions he would commit in the future and stated that he loved being a Young Avenger.

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