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The Question (Renee Montoya)

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The Question (alias Vic Sage, real name Charles "Charlie" Victor Szasz) is the name used by a number of superhero in comic book published by DC Comics. The original was created by writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in Blue Beetle #1 (June 1967). Originally created for Charlton Comics, the character was acquired by DC Comics in the early 1980s and incorporated into the DC Universe. Following the events of the series 52, his protege Renee Montoya has succeeded him as the Question.

As conceived by Ditko, the Question was an adherent of Objectivism during his career as a minor Charlton hero, much like Ditko's earlier creation, Mr. A. In a 1987-1990 solo series from DC, the character developed a Zen-like philosophy.

Based in Hub City, Vic Sage made his mark as a highly outspoken and aggressive investigative journalist. Not long after starting his TV appearances, he began to investigate Dr. Arby Twain.

Sage was approached by his former professor, scientist Aristotle Rodor, who told Sage about an artificial skin he had co-developed with Dr. Twain called Pseudoderm. Pseudoderm was intended to work as an applied skin-like bandage with the help of a bonding gas, but it had an unforeseen toxicity which was sometimes fatal when applied to open wounds. Rodor and Twain agreed to abandon the project and parted ways, but Professor Rodor discovered that Dr. Twain had decided to proceed with an illegal sale of the invention to Third World nations, regardless of the risk to human health.

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