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Marvel Apes

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Marvel Apes is a four-issue limited series by comics publisher Marvel Comics which started publication in October 2008. The series is written by Karl Kesel with art by Ramon Bachs and covers by John Watson.

The Marvel Apes reality is designated as Earth-8101.

Marvel Apes was first suggested as a successor to Marvel Zombies by a fan during a convention Q&A session with Joe Quesada. As with Marvel Zombies before it, Marvel Apes takes place in an alternate universe, in this case a simian-dominated counterpart to Earth-616 that hosts anthropoid versions of popular Marvel Superheroes.

As with the introduction of Marvel Zombies in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four, the Marvel Apes universe is visited by an existing Marvel character, in this case Martin Blank a.k.a. Gibbon. He is accompanied by a female scientist named Fiona Fitzhugh in what has been described by Kesel as a "Lord of the Rings-style sprawling epic".

Marvel Apes Marvel Apes

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