The Charmed Ones

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Charmed is an American television series that originally aired from October 7, 1998, until May 21, 2006, on The WB Television Network. The series was created in 1998 by writer Constance M. Burge and was produced by Aaron Spelling and his Spelling Television company, with the show runner being writer-director Brad Kern.

The series narrative follows the four Halliwell sisters — Prue, Piper, Phoebe and, later, Paige. They are the culmination of the most powerful line of good witches in history. The sisters, despite being perceived as normal women by the non-supernatural community, are known as The Charmed Ones in the magical community, whose prophesied destiny is to protect innocent lives against evil beings, such as demons and warlocks. Each sister possesses unique magical powers that grow and evolve, while they attempt to hold normal working lives in San Francisco. Keeping their paranormal identities separate and secret from their ordinary lives forms part of the series' tension and challenges, with the exposure of magic having far-reaching consequences on relationships, and having resulted in a number of police and FBI investigations throughout the series.

The first episode, "Something Wicca This Way Comes", garnered 7.70 million viewers, breaking the record for the highest rated debut for the Warner Brothers Network. In January 2006, producer Brad Kern declared that Charmed was the longest running hour-long series featuring all female leads (Murder She Wrote having only a singular lead, and The Facts of Life being a 30 minute sitcom). The series finale, "Forever Charmed", ended with a season high of 4.49 million viewers.

Since June 2010 Zenescope Entertainment have been publishing an officially licensed comic continuation of the series Charmed. Author Paul Ruditis who has had previous experience with the Charmed universe after writing several Charmed tie-in novels will be acting as lead writer of the series. So far 12 issues of the comics are expected.

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