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Rashek the Lord Ruler

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The Mistborn series is a trilogy of High fantasy novel, written by Brandon Sanderson. Published by Tor Fantasy between 2006 and 2008, the series consists of Mistborn: The Final Empire, Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, and Mistborn: The Hero of Ages.

The series primarily takes place in a region called the Final Empire on a world called Scadrial. One thousand years before the story begins the king of the Final Empire, the Lord Ruler, gained access to a divine power at what is called 'The Well of Ascension.' With this power he remade the world and everything in it into its state at the beginning of the first book. In the Final Empire a Dominance is a territory within the Lord Ruler's empire.

Luthadel is the capital of the Central Dominance and the entire Final Empire. Luthadel is the heart of the Lord Ruler's power, as well as the site of his palace, Kredik Shaw. Before the Lord Ruler remade the world, Luthadel was a mountainous region known as Terris. To hide the true location of Old Terris and the Well of Ascension, the Lord Ruler moved the mountains elsewhere and named that region "Terris" instead.

Terris is the ancestral home of the Terrismen. It is a mountainous region located north of the Northern Dominance. The Terris Dominance is the only Dominance to retain its original name. It is also historically the home of the Well of Ascension.

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