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Johnny Klebitz

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Introduced in: "Clean and Serene"

Jonathan "Johnny" Klebitz is the main protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, the first of two downloadable episodic packs for the game.

Johnny is the 34-year-old Vice President of The Lost biker gang. Up until the start of the story, Johnny has been leading the gang in the absence of the gang's President, Billy Grey. Johnny first meets Niko after they are entrusted to watch over a heroin deal for Elizabeta and Playboy X. The deal turns out to be an LCPD sting, and Johnny disappears during the ensuing gunfight. He later reappears to assist Niko with a Conflict diamonds deal with Isaac Roth, on behalf of Ray Boccino. The deal is ambushed by members of the Ancelotti crime family, and Johnny escapes with two million dollars in cash. Niko is later sent to find and eliminate his friend.

After Niko successfully kills Jim, a close friend of Johnny's, The Lost begins to break up, with Billy threatening to shed light on the dealings of The Lost to get into a witness protection program. With the help of information from Thomas Stubbs, and the assistance of The Lost, Johnny kills Billy. Once the deed was done Johnny, Angus, Clay, and Terry, the only remaining members of The Lost, burn down their clubhouse. During a phone conversation with Angus, Johnny says he will sever all ties with The Lost, leave Ashley and promises to financially aid Jim's family.

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