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Cassie Chan

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Cassie Chan is a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe, she was played by Korean American actress Patricia Ja Lee. She served as the Pink Ranger during the television series Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space.

Cassie was an amateur singer who first traveled to the city of Angel Grove during the Power Rangers Turbo episode Passing the Torch. She was heading to Stone Canyon, as she had some "really great relatives" out there, and they were going to help her "crash the music scene". The bus she was traveling on is also her first encounter with T.J., who she later befriends. When the bus stopped outside a gift shop in the middle of nowhere, T.J., apparently having heard the explosion of Tommy's truck as Tommy and Kat were attacked by Piranhatrons nearby, ran off in case someone needed help.

When T.J. still had not returned when the bus driver had to leave, Cassie stayed behind. T.J. and Cassie watched Kat, a stranger to them, fight the Piranhatrons. T.J. had to go help, despite the danger, and Cassie reluctantly followed him into battle. When more Piranhatrons teleported in, Cassie said she was getting out of there right now, but both she and T.J. fought the creatures with martial arts. Due to Cassie's bravery and assistance in helping rescue Tommy, Katherine Hillard chose Cassie to be her replacement as the Pink Turbo Ranger when she retired as a Power Ranger.

Beneath Cassie's sarcastic and gutsy exterior lies a caring and compassionate soul who finds it difficult at times to show her true feelings. She gives everyone a chance to prove themselves to her, and puts a lot of faith into people. She made quick friendships with new Power Rangers

Cassie Chan Cassie Chan

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