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Rocky DeSantos

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Rocky DeSantos is a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe. In the second season of the television show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he joined the team as the second Red Ranger. He later became the Blue Ranger during Power Rangers Zeo and retired before Power Rangers Turbo.

Rocky loves to have fun and enjoys going to dances, carnivals, mystery parties, luaus, and hanging out at Ernie's Juice Bar. He's more than willing to join in a scavenger hunt or help in clean-up projects. He also became an extra in a sci-fi movie.

Rocky possesses a spirited and fun-loving personality. He is outgoing and loud, and always has a corny joke in mind. Rocky is comical and honest, balancing out his fun, playful side with his genuine sincerity towards his friends. He provides the light humor the team needs to relieve their worries and stress, but is also acknowledged for his reliability and fidelity. He is a trustworthy and coolheaded person in general, harmonizing his friends’ constant worries with his cheerfulness.

Rocky likes to challenge his mind. He attempted to teach a chemistry class, took a computer science course and a botany class, and likes going to museums.

Rocky DeSantos Rocky DeSantos

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