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Isaac Mendez

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Isaac Méndez is a fictional character in the NBC drama Heroes. Portrayed by Santiago Cabrera, he has the ability to paint the future.

Isaac Méndez's story begins in the first episode, where he is a struggling, tortured artist living in New York City. His girlfriend and art dealer is Simone Deveaux. Mendez is addicted to heroin, and has had little success quitting permanently, putting a strain on his relationship with Simone. This strain is worsened when Isaac realizes he can see ambiguous future events and paint them—but only when high on heroin. Isaac at first assumes the paintings to be "evil" and tries to destroy them, but Simone sees them as artistically impressive. Near the end of the pilot, Isaac overdose. Simone brings help in the form of nurse Peter Petrelli, who realizes that Isaac has painted a picture of him without having previously met him. With Peter's help, Isaac survives the overdose.

After he recovers, Isaac seems to have accepted his "destiny" to save New York from a large, nuclear-level, mushroom cloud explosion he saw in one of his precognitive trances and painted on his loft floor during his overdose. Isaac has also come to believe he needs the heroin to "paint the future". Simone doubts Isaac's powers and refuses to stand idly by while he ruins his life using heroin, so she leaves him. During their conversation, Simone also mentions that Isaac's comic book, 9th Wonders!, may be late as he continues with his precognitive painting.

In the fourth episode, Simone comes to Isaac requesting new paintings for a showing at her art gallery. Isaac offers earlier works instead, saying that he needs the newer ones to tell the future. Simone doubts she can even sell the older ones and is still unconvinced of Isaac's powers. Isaac proclaims he knew about her kiss with Peter the previous evening. Simone assumes that Isaac had followed her, but he shows her his drawing, saying he made it seven weeks prior. Isaac then said he needs money for "painting supplies," by which he means heroin, which he hopes will help him find a way to stop the nuclear explosion. Simone leaves and Isaac breaks out his "tools" to shoot up. At one point in the episode, he says "I'm gonna be a hero". After shooting up, he experiences a vision of Claire Bennet at her school around Homecoming time, being chased and cornered by a shadowy figure.

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