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Mirai Trunks

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is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball franchise by Akira Toriyama. Trunks is the half-Saiyan son of Vegeta, the prince of the dying race of fictional aliens called the Saiyan, and Bulma, the heir of a massive company called Capsule Corporation. In keeping with the family's tradition of using underwear puns for names, Trunks' name is derived from the term for men's swim shorts.

Trunks has a slender muscular physique with his most dominant genes coming from his maternal side, thus resulting in his having blue eyes and lavender -colored hair which is mostly shown in the undercut style. During his early teens, this style was parted on his right side and his late teens it was parted in the left. As he is half human, his hair tends to grow. Because of this, he wore his hair in an over-the-shoulders style during Cell Games arc. The color caused some confusion among the other characters that met him; as Vegeta pointed out in chapter 139 and episode 121, a Saiyan's hair color is generally black.

His facial features are nearly identical to his father's as pointed out by Bulma when awaiting Goku's return in the aforementioned chapter and episode. Trunks can transform into a Super Saiyan which causes his hair to spike on end and takes on a golden color and his eyes a Turquoise or green color.

Trunks is also known for his unique fashion sense. When the character was first introduced he wore a cropped jacket that was steel blue in the manga and han purple in the anime with a Capsule Corporation patch on his upper left sleeve that was red in the manga and white in the anime along with a black tank top and baggy gray pants. During the Cell games arc he wore a pair of Saiyan battle fatigues identical to his father which was made by Bulma. As a child during the Majin Buu saga he wore a green gi with matching orange belt and wrist bands. In the GT series he wore a tan blazer, a blue kerchief over a black long-sleeve shirt which matched his blue socks, and a pair of cuffed shorts. Ironically, he has worn the same type of shoes with all three outfits, which are a pair of boot-length strapped sneakers that feature dark-colored segments on the toe and heel.

Mirai Trunks Mirai Trunks Mirai Trunks Mirai Trunks

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